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Table 2 Prevalence of violence against women among American Indians/Alaska natives, by year of study

From: Family and partner interpersonal violence among American Indians/Alaska Natives

First author year Population and data source Sample size Measure Prevalence
Curry 1998 Prenatal clinics in a Northwest city; clinic-based sample with self-report survey 57 AI/AN women Past year physical IPV 37%
Past year sexual IPV 7%
IPV in pregnancy 12%
Fairchild et al. 1998 Indian health service facility on a Navajo 341 AI/AN women Lifetime IPV 53%
  Reservation; clinic-based sample with self-report survey   Lifetime physical IPV 42%
Lifetime sexual IPV 12%
    Past year IPV 16%
Past year physical IPV 14%
Past year sexual IPV 4%
Kvigne et al. 1998 Pregnant women from a Northern plains tribe; clinic-based sample with self-report survey 177 AI/AN women IPV in pregnancy 30%
Robin et al. 1998 Southwestern tribe; referral-based sampling with self-report survey 56 married Lifetime IPV 91%
AI/AN women Lifetime physical IPV 79%
Lifetime sexual IPV 29%
Past year IPV 31%
IPV in pregnancy 34%
IPV injuries requiring medical attention 46%
Bohn 2002 Prenatal clinic in Midwestern city; clinic-based sample with self-report survey 30 AI/AN women IPV in pregnancy 33%
Threats to kill woman or her baby in pregnancy 6%
Bohn 2003 Prenatal clinic in a Midwestern city; clinic-based sample with self-report survey 30 AI/AN women Lifetime IPV 87%
Current partner IPV 70%
Current partner physical IPV 60%
Current partner sexual IPV 17%
Harwell et al. 2003 Seven reservations in Montana; random digit dial sample with self-report survey 588 AI/AN women Past year physical IPV 3%
Malcoe et al. 2004 WIC clinic in Oklahoma; clinic-based sample with self-report 312 AI/AN women Lifetime IPV 59%
Lifetime sexual IPV 12%
Lifetime threats with knife/gun 11%
Past year IPV 30%
Past year sexual IPV 3%
IPV in pregnancy, past year 9%
IPV resulting in injuries 40%
Simoni et al. 2004 New York City AI/AN community center members; self-report survey 155 AI/AN women Lifetime rape 34%
Lifetime sexual IPV 20%
Lifetime physical IPV 31%
Manson et al. 2005 2 Northern plains tribes and 1 Southwestern tribe; random sampling from tribal rolls with self-report survey 829 AI/AN women in Southwest Lifetime rape, Southwest 13%
848 AI/AN women in Northern plains Lifetime rape, Northern plains 14%
  Lifetime physical IPV, Southwest 29%
  Lifetime physical IPV, Northern plains 31%
Evans-Campbell et al. 2006 New York City AI/AN; respondent-driven, chain referral, and targeted sampling with self-report survey 112 AI/AN women Lifetime IPV 40%
Lifetime rape 48%
Yuan et al. 2006 Six tribes in the Southwest, Northwest, Northern plains, and Northeast; random sample from tribal rolls with self-report survey 744 AI/AN women Lifetime rape 14%
Mylant and Mann 2008 Teenage mothers in the Northern plains participating in pregnancy program; self-report survey 49 AI/AN women Lifetime IPV 61%
IPV in pregnancy 38%
Past year sexual IPV 23%
Duran et al. 2009 Indian health services clinic in Albuquerque; clinic-based sample with self-report survey 324 AI/AN women Lifetime IPV 80%
Wood and Magen 2009 Athabaskan tribe, Alaska; self-report survey 91 AI/AN women Lifetime IPV 64%
Past year physical IPV 18%
Lifetime threats with gun 19%
Lifetime threats with knife 12%
Rutman et al. 2012 National survey with self-report 253 AI/AN women Forced first sexual encounter 17%
Scott and Langhorne 2012 Boarding school for at-risk AI/AN youth in a plains state; self-report survey 115 AI/AN women Lifetime rape 20%
Lifetime IPV 70%
Ehlers et al. 2013 Eight contiguous reservations in California; respondent-driven and venue based sampling with self-report survey 174 AI/AN women Lifetime sexual abuse 34%
Black et al. 2011 National survey with self-report Not reported Lifetime rape 27%
    Lifetime physical IPV 46%
  1. Abbreviations: AI/AN American Indian/Alaska Native, IPV intimate partner violence.