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Table 3 Prevalence of elder abuse among American Indians/Alaska natives, by year of study

From: Family and partner interpersonal violence among American Indians/Alaska Natives

First author year Population and data source Sample size Measure Prevalence
Brown 1989 Navajo tribe, Oljato chapter; randomly selected tribal members with self-report survey. Random sample of 37 AI/AN elderly from a population of 110 AI/AN elderly Reported some extent of having been left alone and neglected when they needed help 32%
Financially exploited by family members 22%
Neglected in some way 46%
Psychologically abused 22%
Physically abused 16%
Hudson et al. 1998 Two tribal groups in North Carolina; random sample of elderly tribal members with self-report survey. 200 AI/AN; Been abused at some time in life (all ages) 26%
92 over 65-years-old Abused after the age of 65 4%
Buchwald et al. 2000 Chart review of urban AI/AN in primary care in King County; clinic-based sample with medical chart review. 550 AI/AN elderly Definite or probable physical abuse 10%
age ≥50 Suggestive physical abuse 7%
Minton and Soule 1990 216 Alaska natives from two rural Alaskan villages; randomly selected tribal members with structured interview responses. 52 AI/AN elderly Reported sadness as a result of victimization 11%
   age ≥55   
  1. Abbreviation: AI/AN American Indian/Alaska Native.