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Table 1 RE-AIM domain definitions—original and re-operationalised for implementation of an injury surveillance system

From: Implementing injury surveillance systems alongside injury prevention programs: evaluation of an online surveillance system in a community setting

Domain Original definition (Glasgow et al. [1999] ) Definition as applied to an injury surveillance system
R each Proportion of the target population that participated in the intervention Proportion of football clubs informed about and/or trained in use of the injury surveillance system
E fficacy Success rate if implemented as in guidelines Data quality (see (Ekegren et al. [2014]. doi:10.1111/sms.12216.)
A doption Proportion of settings, practices, and plans that will adopt this intervention Proportion of football clubs that agreed to participate and set up a Sports Injury Tracker account with the intention of conducting injury surveillance
I mplementation Extent to which the intervention is implemented as intended in the real world The proportion of football clubs recording injuries using Sorts Injury Tracker throughout season (not including clubs recording <10 injuries throughout season)
M aintenance Extent to which a program is sustained over time The proportion of football clubs implementing the surveillance system in 2013 after doing so in 2012.