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Table 2 Examples of interviewer prompts used in semi-structured interviews

From: Implementing injury surveillance systems alongside injury prevention programs: evaluation of an online surveillance system in a community setting

Injury surveillance practices – i.e. What do you do? Did you have a previous system in place for monitoring injuries at your club? Please describe it.
  On average, how much time do you spend each week recording injuries?
Do you intend to conduct injury surveillance next season?
Factors influencing injury surveillance practices – i.e. Why do you do it? What were your main reasons for carrying out injury surveillance this season?
  Within your football club, who should be primarily responsible for recording injuries?
Would it be helpful to be provided with more training or support on how to record injuries? Who should provide this?
What kind of information would you like to be able to produce from your injury data? What would you use it for?
What has been the club’s/coach’s attitude towards you carrying out injury surveillance?
Could you suggest any ways to make it easier to record injuries at your club?
Specific questions about online surveillance tool How did you first find out about Sports Injury Tracker?
  What is your opinion on using an online tool to record injuries?
Have there been any difficulties accessing a computer or the internet in order to use the online system?
Would you want to modify or adapt the system in any way?