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Table 1 Covariates included in models exploring the association between recurrent concussion and mental health outcomes

From: Association between concussion and mental health in former collegiate athletes

Variable Categories Included in model
Depression Impulsivity Aggression
Sociodemographics x x x
Sex Male/Female x x x
Race/ethnicity Non-Hispanic White/All other race/ethnicity combinations x x x
Current age Continuous x x x
Current body mass index Continuous x x x
Relationship status Single/In a relationship x x x
Education level (obtained graduate degree) Yes/No x x x
Work status (currently employed at least part time) Yes/No x x x
Disability status Disabled/Non-disabled x x x
Sport history    
Primary college sport played (by level of playing contact) Collision/High contact/Low/non-contact x x x
Number of years since played college sports Continuous x x x
Played professional sports Yes/No x x x
Total number of years played primary sport Continuous x x x
Career-ending injury Yes/No x   
Additional variables     
Alcohol dependence Continuous x x x
Family history of depression Yes/No x   
Family history of anxiety Yes/No x