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Table 2 The seven broad activity groups encompassing each of the 29 specific activities

From: The causes of injuries sustained at fitness facilities presenting to Victorian emergency departments - identifying the main culprits

Broad activity group Specific activities within the broad activity group
Cardiovascular/motorised equipment Treadmill, stepping machine, exercise bike, elliptical trainer and rowing machine
General fitness/aerobic exercises Skipping, running, Swiss ball, boxing-related (non-class), stretching, step up, medicine ball, sit ups/abdominal exercises, push-ups and personal training session (activity unknown)
Group exercise class Exercise group class, spin class
Resistance/weight training General free weights (injury occurred by lifting weights but specific equipment not expanded on in text narrative), weight machine, barbell, dumbbell, bench press, squats, lunges or deadlifts, chin up/pull up and resistance band
Unspecified fitness activity Any that is not specified and not included in other categories
Unspecified fitness equipment Using equipment when exercising but does not specify which type
Working at facility Working at facility