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Table 5 Haddon’s 10 countermeasures with example strategies relevant to preventing injuries that occur within fitness facilities

From: The causes of injuries sustained at fitness facilities presenting to Victorian emergency departments - identifying the main culprits

Countermeasure Example
1. Prevent the creation of the hazard Design building with high ceilings to allow for overhead lifts, add handrails alongside stairs and steps, hide all electrical cables beneath guards
2. Reduce the amount of the hazard Limit the weight value that can be used without spotters
3. Prevent the release of a hazard that already exists Install non-slip flooring, highlight changes in floor elevation (stairs/steps/ramps)
4. Modify the rate or spatial distribution of the hazard from its source Install impact absorbing flooring
5. Separate, by time or space, the hazard from that which can be protected Ensure adequate space around equipment (can be used as designed without contact with another walking past), separate activity areas
6. Separate the hazard and what is to be protected by a material barrier Purchase only equipment that has protective guards around moving components; ensure mirrors do not touch the floor
7. Modify relevant basic qualities of the hazard Applying contrast strips to all stairs, steps and changes in levels
8. Make what is to be protected more resistant to damage from the hazard Recommend appropriate types and amounts of exercise to users
9. Move rapidly to detect and evaluate the damage that has occurred and counter its continuation and extension Signpost broken equipment, mop up spilt liquids
10. Stabilise, repair and rehabilitate the damage or injured person Train all staff in first aid and emergency procedures