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Table 3 Fatality regression* results school-age (5-19 years vs. 30-64 years), intervention period (pre vs. post 2010), and interaction term

From: Association of the Safe Routes to School program with school-age pedestrian and bicyclist injury risk in Texas

  Estimated incidence rate ratio (95% CI) a
(Intercept) 0.00 (0.00, 0.00)
School-age 0.40 (0.31, 0.50)
Intervention period 0.82 (0.71, 0.94)
Intervention*age 0.90 (0.67, 1.21)
  1. *Negative binomial statistical model of the effect of age group (school vs. adult), SRTS intervention time period (pre-post-2010) and interaction term on annualized quarterly pedestrian fatality counts with population offsets. Texas pedestrian injuries January 2008 to June 2013. aExponentiated regression coefficient point estimate on relative risk scale with upper and lower 95% confidence limits.