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Table 1 Injury categories derived from International Classification of Diseases codes

From: Injury risk in British Columbia, Canada, 1986 to 2009: are Aboriginal children and youth over-represented?

Injury category ICD 9 codes ICD10 codes
Injury types   
All injury types 800 to 999 S00 toS99, T00 to T98
Trauma 800 to 908, 910 to 939, 950 to 959 S00 to S99, T00 to T19, T79, T90 to T94
Poisoning 909.0, 909.1, 960 to 989 T36 to T65, T96 to T97
Burn 940 to 949 T20 to T32, T95
Other injury types 909.2 to 909.9, 990 to 999 T33 to T35, T66 to T78, T80 to T88, T98
Injury causes   
Unintentional injury E800 to E928, E930 to E949 V01 to X59, Y40 to Y84
Transport vehicle (unintentional) E800 to E807, E810 to E829, E831, E833 to E838, E840 to E848 V01 to V89, V91, V93 to V99
Medical/surgical mishaps E870 to E876, E878 to E879, E930 to E949 Y40 to Y84
Falls (unintentional) E880 to E888 W00 to W19
Self-inflicted injury E950 to 958 X60 to X84
Poisoning (self-inflicted) E950 to E952 X60 to X69
Intentionally inflicted by another E960 to E968 X85 to Y09