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Table 3 Characteristics of the programs in the meta-analysis on training effectiveness

From: Effectiveness of bystander naloxone administration and overdose education programs: a meta-analysis

Study Program site(s) Subjects Follow-up(s) Study design
Green et al. 2008 Baltimore Users N/A Cross-sectional
San Francisco
New York
New Mexico
McAuley et al. 2010 Lanarkshire High risk users 2 months 6 months Cohort
Williams et al. 2014 London Family/friends of users 3 months Randomized controlled trial
Gaston et al. 2009 a Birmingham Users 3 months 6 months Cohort
Jones et al. 2014 New York City Users N/Ab Cohort
  1. aGaston et al. (2009) uses the same sample as Strang et al. (2008).
  2. bPost-training test administered immediately after training.