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Table 1 Circumstances surrounding the incidents resulting in concussion in community Australian football players (n = 34)

From: Concussion in community Australian football – epidemiological monitoring of the causes and immediate impact on play

Cause Number Percent Description of injury by case
Collision with another player/umpirea 13 38 Hit on the head while contesting the ball.
   Player had their head over the ball and opposition player came through and knocked him out.
   Slipped in possession and got a knee in the head, blurred vision.
   Hit his head on ground after being knocked by opposition player.
   Back of neck. Ran into player who pushed head down.
   Went up in pack - got crunched.
   During the collision with another player, player sustained a suspected torn quad muscle. Was treated for light concussion when he hit his head.
   Shoulder hit head and head flung back.
   Stuck between two players and got hit in the head.
   No further details given.
   No further details given.
   No further details given.
   No further details given.
Involved in tackle 13 38 Kneed in the head during a tackle, very disorientated.
   Banged heads in tackle.
   Got tackled high and felt dizzy.
   Sustained an elbow to the face, resulting in a blood nose. Player later complained of blurred vision, dizziness, and headache and felt sick in the stomach. Report during the next week confirmed player has fractured nose and cheekbone, as well as mild concussion.
   Got slung to the ground and hit his head on the hard ground.
   Player sustained a heavy blow to the head during a tackle.
   Was going for the ball and was hip & shouldered then tackled. Split bottom lip and concussion.
   Got tackled and his arms were pinned to his sides, landed on his side and head hit the ground.
   Opposition player landed on his head.
   Landed on hard ground in wicket areac
   Clashed heads with another player.
   Got his head pushed into the ground when he was tackled.
   No further details given.
Struck or hitb 7 21 Struck on head while going for a mark.
   At ground level charged by opposition & knocked in head. Got up straight away but taken off as precaution.
   Hit in the head in an off the ball incident.
   Received a knock on the head during a mark and then landed with head hitting the ground.
   Got elbowed in the head very hard.
   Hit by opponent in an off the ball incident. Minor concussion and was observed for a few minutes, then went back on.
   No further details given.
Other 1 3 Fell back on his head while landing from a mark.
  1. acollision injuries involved the injured player impacting with another
  2. bhit/struck injuries were initiated by another player (injured player was passive in the action)
  3. cWicket area refers to a hard surface in the middle of the ground that is used for the game of cricket