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Table 1 Socioeconomic construct description built from the American Community Survey annual and multi-year estimates. File names for calculation based on 2013 ACS data file headings

From: Reliability of the American Community Survey for unintentional drowning and submersion injury surveillance: a comprehensive assessment of 10 socioeconomic indicators derived from the 2006–2013 annual and multi-year data cycles

ConstructDefinitionACS data fileCalculation
% US residency less than 1 yearsPercent of population living abroad one year agoDP02Abroad [HC01_VC126] / Population 1 year and over [HC01_VC119]
% College/postgraduate degreePercent of persons, age 25 years and older, with an associate’s, bachelor’s, graduate or professional degreeDP02(Associate’s degree [HC01_VC90] + bachelor’s degree [HC01_VC91] + graduate or professional degree [HC01_VC92])/Population 25 years and over [HC01_VC85]
% High school graduatesPercent of population, age 25 years and older, with a high school diplomaDP02High school graduate (included equivalency) [HC01_VC88]/Population 25 years and over [HC01_VC85]
% BlackPercent of black or African American populationDP05Black of African American [HC01_VC79] / Total population – race alone or in combination with any other [HC01_VC77]
% HispanicPercent of Hispanic or Latino populationDP05Hispanic or Latino (of any race) [HC01_VC88]/Total population [HC01_VC87]
% Non-whitePercent of non-white populationDP05(Total population – race alone or in combination with any other [HC01_VC77]– White [HC01_VC78]) / Total population – race alone or in combination with any other [HC01_VC77]
Gini coefficientA measure of income inequality, reflects the distribution of income (2011 ACS calculations)B19083Gini index [HD01_VD01]
Median household incomeMedian household income (dollars)DP03Median household income [HC01_VC85]
% UnemploymentPercent of population, 16 years and older, in the labor force and unemployedDP03In the labor force - Unemployed [HC01_VC07]/Employment status [HC01_VC04]
County populationTotal population of the countyDP05(Male [HC01_VC04] + Female [HC01_VC05])