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Table 1 Applied interventiona control strategies and their relative timing

From: Efficacy of a proactive health and safety risk management system in the fire service

Selected control strategy Time of Implementation (months)b
Physical Exercise (PE)  
 Improve station exercise equipment and facilities 1
 Increase role of Peer Fitness Trainers 4
 Update and revise exercise standard operating procedure (SOP) 14
Patient Transport (PT)  
 Test patient transfer devices 3
 Establish chest compression rotation procedure during CPR 15
 Create PT module for probationary firefighters 24
Fireground Operations (FG)  
 Improve rehab protocols & adherence 4
 Visual reminders for health and safety 4,19
  1. aThe intervention is the risk management application, which began in 2010
  2. bRelative to the beginning of the control implementation phase in January, 2011