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Table 1 Mode of transport matrix frame based on International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision (ICD-10) codes V00–V79

From: Using matrix frame to present road traffic injury pattern

  Mode of transport of the victim’s counterpart
The victim’s mode of transport VX0 pedestrian or animal VX1 pedal cycle VX2 two- or three-wheeled motor VX3 car, pick-up truck or van VX4 heavy transport vehicle or bus VX5 railway train or railway vehicle VX6 other nonmotor vehicle VX7 fixed or stationary object VX8 noncollision VX9 other and unspecified
V0 Pedestrian V00 V01 V02 V03 V04 V05 V06 V09
V1 Pedal cyclist V10 V11 V12 V13 V14 V15 V16 V17 V18 V19
V2 Motorcycle rider V20 V21 V22 V23 V24 V25 V26 V27 V28 V29
V3 Occupant of three-wheeled motor vehicle V30 V31 V32 V33 V34 V35 V36 V37 V38 V39
V4Car occupant V40 V41 V42 V43 V44 V45 V46 V47 V48 V49
V5 Occupant of pick-up truck or van V50 V51 V52 V53 V54 V55 V56 V57 V58 V59
V6 Occupant of heavy transport vehicle V60 V61 V62 V63 V64 V65 V66 V67 V68 V69
V7 Bus occupant V70 V71 V72 V73 V74 V75 V76 V77 V78 V79