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Table 2 Main Coding frames to be used in WRFIS-3

From: Identifying opportunities to prevent work-related fatal injury in New Zealand using 40 years of coronial records: protocol for a retrospective case review study

Variable(s) Coding frame used
Usual place of residence, Socio-economic deprivation (NZdep) Mortality Collection domicile codes (Ministry of Health 2014)
Physiological cause of death, mechanism of injury, agent of incident & injury, location of injury Type of Occurrence Classification System (National Occupational Health and Safety Commission 1990)
Location of incident National Data Standards for Injury Surveillance Place of Incident (National Injury Surveillance Unit 1995)
Occupation, at time of injury & usual NZ Standard Classification of Occupations 1999 (Statistics New Zealand 2001)
Industry, at time of injury & usual Australian & NZ Standard Industrial Classification, 1996 (Statistics New Zealand 1999)