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Table 2 Estimated annual AI/AN premature mortality costs by injury (2008–2010 IHS service population)

From: Incidence, deaths, and lifetime costs of injury among American Indians and Alaska Natives

Injury CategoryEstimated Annual Number of DeathsProductivity Costs (2017 USD millions)
LaborHousehold ProductivityTotal (Labor + Household Productivity)Total Cost per Injury Death
All injuriesa2657317572739021.47
Unintentional injuries1914215150926601.39
Injuries by cause
 Motor vehicle971128529715821.63
 Pedestrian-related motor vehicle179233512841.59
 Fire and smoke515514691.36
Alcohol-related injuries99188723311191.13
  1. aNote: The “All injuries” category was calculated as unintentional injuries + the two intentional injury intents of homicide and suicide. The sum of costs across injury categories (excluding homicide and suicide) does not add up to the costs of unintentional injuries because categories include intentional and unintentional injuries