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Table 3 Lifetime medical and mortality costs of annual AI/AN injuries by injury intent and causea

From: Incidence, deaths, and lifetime costs of injury among American Indians and Alaska Natives

Injury categoryLifetime Medical Cost of Annual Injury Incidents (IHS users, 2017 USD thousands)Mortality Cost (IHS service population, 2017 USD thousands)Total Cost (2017 USD thousands)
Labor Productivity LossesHousehold Productivity Losses
Costs by Injury Intent
 Total Costs548,7963,175,069727,4274,451,292
Costs by Injury Cause
 Motor vehicle/traffic40,5121,284,615297,0321,622,159
  1. aNote: Table 3 shows estimated medical costs for treated injury events among 2011–2015 IHS users divided by five to reflect estimated annual non-fatal and fatal injury events. Estimated mortality costs, productivity losses for deaths among AI/AN in the 2008–2010 IHS service population are divided by three to reflect annual injury deaths. Costs assume that deaths with unintentional, suicide, and homicide as intents reflect all injury deaths. The Costs by Injury Cause section shows costs for selected causes that align closely with the cause of death categories. Some costs may be incurred in multiple categories. For example, the motor vehicle/traffic category includes pedestrian-related motor vehicle crashes and all other motor vehicle injuries