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Table 1 Child and Maternal Characteristics by Prior Child Protective Services (CPS) History (n = 727)

From: Childhood adversities and prior involvement with child protective services

 Prior CPS History (n = 312)No Prior CPS History (n = 415)Total (n = 727)
Mean (SD)RangeMean (SD)RangeMean (SD)Range
Child’s Age8.1 (4.0)0.2-17.87.7 (4.0)0.5-17.37.9 (4.0)0.2-17.8
Mother’s Age34.2 (8.6)14.0-63.033.8 (7.7)14.0-63.034.0 (8.1)14.0-64.3
Child’s Gender
Mother’s Primary Language*
Mother’s Education Level*
 < HS Grad5441.97558.112917.7
 HS Graduate13848.914451.128238.8
 Some College/ College Grad12038.019662.031643.5
Public Assistance*17050.316849.733846.5
Individual adverse items
 Domestic Abuse*16851.915648.232444.6
 Problems with Police*7861.94838.112617.3
 Drug/Alcohol Problem*3477.31022.7446.1
 Mental health Problems*11459.17940.919326.6
 Ongoing Custody Battle*5061.03239.08211.3
Adversity Category*
 Two or more14063.97936.121930.1
  1. *p < 0.05 comparing covariates and prior CPS history