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Table 2 Demographics of student-athletes with concussions in the 2015–2018 school years a

From: Incidence reporting via online high school concussion surveillance by certified athletic trainers and school nurses, 2015–2018

 2015–2018 school years combined
Gender, n (%)
 Male178b (59.7)
 Female122 (40.9)
Race, n (%)
 White221 (74.2)
 Black41 (13.8)
 Asian14 (4.7)
 Otherc23 (7.7)
Ethnicity, n (%)
 Hispanic/Latino50 (18.0)
 Non-Hispanic/Latino228 (82.0)
  1. a Note: Some categories smaller due to non-response; some percentages do not add up to 100 due to rounding
  2. b Two of the male concussions were sustained by students in 8th grade
  3. c Other races include American Indian/Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, and any races defined as “other” by the respondent