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Table 2 Search terms for the free-text search of the incident description field of the Trauma Audit Research Network registry and their corresponding categorisation within the Active Lives Survey (November 2015 onwards)

From: Serious sports-related injury in England and Wales from 2012-2017: a study protocol

Search termIncluded as specific activityBroad activity groupComposite activity groupings
American football Sporting ActivitiesTeam sports (other)
AthleticsTrack and field athleticsSporting ActivitiesRunning, athletics or multi-sports
BadmintonYesSporting ActivitiesRacket sports
BasketballYes (excluding wheelchair basketball)Sporting ActivitiesTeam sports
BoulderingClimbingSporting ActivitiesAdventure sports
BoxingYesSporting ActivitiesCombat sports, Martial Arts or Target Sports
Canoe Sporting ActivitiesWater sports
Cheerleading Sporting ActivitiesGymnastics, trampolining or cheerleading
ClimbingYes – hillwalking, hiking, rock climbing and boulderingSporting ActivitiesAdventure sports
CricketYesSporting ActivitiesTeam sports
EquestrianYesSporting ActivitiesHorse riding
Fencing Sporting ActivitiesLeisure games and activities
Field hockey Sporting ActivitiesTeam sports
FootballYesSporting ActivitiesTeam sports
GaelicNot unless reported as footballSporting ActivitiesTeam sports
Gokarting Sporting ActivitiesMotorsports
GolfYesSporting ActivitiesGolf
Gym Fitness ActivitiesWeights session or interval session
GymnasticsYesSporting ActivitiesGymnastics, trampolining or cheerleading
Horse racingEquestrianSporting ActivitiesHorseriding
Horse ridingEquestrianSporting ActivitiesHorseriding
Ice hockeyNoSporting ActivitiesWinter sports
Ice skatingNoSporting ActivitiesWinter sports
JockeyEquestrianSporting ActivitiesHorseriding
Judo Sporting ActivitiesCombat sports, Martial Arts or Target Sports
Karate Sporting ActivitiesCombat sports, Martial Arts or Target Sports
Karting Sporting ActivitiesMotorsports
Kayak Sporting ActivitiesWater sports
Lacrosse Sporting ActivitiesTeam sports
Martial arts Sporting ActivitiesCombat sports, Martial Arts or Target Sports
Motocross Sporting ActivitiesMotorsports
NetballYesSporting ActivitiesTeam sports
Obstacle course Sporting ActivitiesRunning, athletics or multi-sports
Olympic lifting Fitness ActivitiesWeights session
Rat Race Sporting ActivitiesRunning, athletics or multi-sports
Roller derby ?? Roller or skating sports
Roller skating Sporting ActivitiesRoller or skating sports
RowingYesSporting ActivitiesWater sports
Rugby Sporting ActivitiesTeam sports
Rugby league Sporting ActivitiesTeam sports
Rugby unionYesSporting ActivitiesTeam sports
RunningYesSporting ActivitiesRunning, athletics or multi-sports
Sailing Sporting ActivitiesWater sports
Skate boarding Sporting ActivitiesRoller or skating sports
Skating Sporting ActivitiesRoller or skating sports
SkiingSnowsportsSporting ActivitiesWinter sports
SnowsportsYesSporting ActivitiesWinter sports
Spartan Run Sporting ActivitiesRunning, athletics or multi-sports
SquashYesSporting ActivitiesRacket sports
SwimmingYesSporting ActivitiesSwimming, diving or water polo
Taekwando Sporting ActivitiesCombat sports, Martial Arts or Target Sports
TennisYesSporting ActivitiesRacket sports
Tough Mudder Sporting ActivitiesRunning, athletics or multi-sports
Trampoline Sporting ActivitiesGymnastics, trampolining or cheerleading
Trampolining Sporting ActivitiesGymnastics, trampolining or cheerleading
Triathlon Sporting ActivitiesRunning, athletics or multi-sports
Weight Fitness ActivitiesWeights session
Weight lifting Fitness ActivitiesWeights session
Weight training Fitness ActivitiesWeights session
Wheelchair basketball Sporting ActivitiesTeam sports
Wheelchair rugby Sporting ActivitiesTeam sports
Wrestling Sporting ActivitiesCombat sports, Martial Arts or Target Sports