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Table 3 Unadjusted regression model evaluating key variables of interest as predictors of neighborhood youth homicide mortality rates

From: Educational achievement and youth homicide mortality: a City-wide, neighborhood-based analysis

 Unadjusted Model
ß95% CIT-Valuep-Value
Race0.4745(0.3483–0.6007)7.369< 0.001
Familial Poverty Rate0.6870(0.3665–1.0075)4.203< 0.001
Single-Parent Rate0.6480(0.4549–0.8411)6.578< 0.001
Educational Achievement, 3rd Grade−0.8818(−1.2023 - -0.5613)−5.394< 0.001
Educational Achievement, 8th Grade−0.9832(−1.3497 - -0.6167)−5.258< 0.001