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Table 2 Counseling and behavior change for TSE and safe sleep

From: A pilot QI primary care practice program to help reduce infant mortality risks

 Screened + or At-risk Initially n/N (%)Received Counseling n/N (%)Change in Behavior n/N (%) (Reduction in home TSE or Change in sleep practices)
TSE Caregivers320/3953 (8.1)252/267 (94.4)a51/95 (53.7)b
TSE Exposure to Others (not Caregiver)317/3953 (8.0)234/252 (93.0)a81/197 (58.9)b
Safe Sleep1072/3959 (27.1)860/1072 (80.2)197/401 (49.1)b
  1. aColumn 2 denominator not equal to column 1 numerator because of missing data
  2. bColumn 3 denominator not equal two column 2 numerator because of loss to follow-up