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Table 3 Responses to the indicated statements by study participants

From: Parental attitudes and family helmet use for all-terrain vehicles and bicycles

n (%) a
n (%) a
Group N2474
(a) I don’t feel they always need to wear helmet because:
 They don’t ride very often.12 (50)7 (10)
 They only ride in places I think are safe.6 (25)13 (18)
 They ride as a passenger with an adult who always rides safely.8 (33)2 (3)
 I or another responsible person watch them riding to make sure they are riding safely.9 (21)7 (10)
 They have been riding for some time without a serious injury and I trust they can ride safely.4 (17)6 (8)
 I think crashes happen because people ride recklessly, and I make sure my children do not.3 (13)6 (8)
 Other1 (4)3 (4)
(b) I would like them to always wear a helmet, but factors that decrease my effectiveness in enforcing helmet use include:
 My spouse/significant other is not supportive of enforcing helmet use.0 (0)1 (1.3)
 I do not have appropriate helmets for them to use.4 (17)4 (5)
 The children they ride with don’t wear helmets.0 (0)2 (3)
 I am not around when they ride.4 (17)9 (12)
 My children will not listen to me when I tell them to wear a helmet.1 (4)1 (1.3)
 I do not have specific consequences for when my children don’t wear a helmet.0 (0)2 (3)
 I have problems enforcing the consequences for when my children don’t wear a helmet.1 (4)2 (3)
 There are no helmet laws requiring them to wear helmets.0 (0)1 (1.3)
 Other6 (25)1 (1.3)
  1. aTotal of column n values by category may not equal total Group N because participants could enter more than one response to each statement or did not provide a response if they did not agree with the statement. The percentage noted in parentheses is that of Group N