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Table 4 Comparison of helmet use by the oldest child < 18 years old of participants who did or did not select responses to the indicated survey statements

From: Parental attitudes and family helmet use for all-terrain vehicles and bicycles

  Helmet use (% of time)
< 100%
n (col%)
n (col%)
ATV group N = 24
 Indicated child doesn’t always need to wear aYes12 (80)4 (44)0.18
 helmetbNo3 (20)5 (56) 
 Identified barriers to effective enforcement ofYes12 (80)3 (33)0.04
 helmet usecNo3 (20)6 (67) 
Bicycle group N = 74
 Indicated child doesn’t always need to wear aYes23 (58)2 (6)< 0.0001
 helmetbNo17 (43)32 (94) 
 Identified barriers to effective enforcement ofYes17 (43)4 (12)0.004
 helmet usecNo23 (58)30 (88) 
  1. aFisher’s exact test
  2. bI don’t feel they always need to wear a helmet because
  3. cI would like them to always wear a helmet, but factors that decrease my effectiveness in enforcing helmet use include