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Table 5 Qualitative analysis of participant’s responses regarding effective ways to get their child/children to wear a helmet

From: Parental attitudes and family helmet use for all-terrain vehicles and bicycles

Question: If you have found an effective way to get your child/children to always wear a helmet when they ride a bicycle/ATV, what is it?
Theme & subthemesATV
n (col%)
n (col%)
Theme: Coercion
 No helmet, no riding7 (70)18 (55)
 Hard rule, non-negotiable3 (30)8 (24)
 Negative consequences for violation07 (21)
 Theme total1033
Theme: Social encouragement
 Role modeling 6 (60)
 Frequent reminders 3 (30)
 Positive reinforcement 1 (10)
 Theme total010
Theme: Habit formation
 Start early 4 (67)
 Specific strategy to encourage habit 2 (33)
 Theme total06