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Table 1 Demographic breakdown of gender, race and education of study population compared to the population of Pittsburgha

From: Evaluation of a mobile safety center's impact on pediatric home safety knowledge and device use

Demographic InformationStudy Population,
N = 50
n (%)
Pittsburgh Population Census Estimate (%)(United States Census Bureau QuickFacts Pittsburgh city, Pennsylvania, 2018)
GenderFemale45 (90)(51.1)
Male5 (10)(48.9)
RaceAsian/Pacific Islander5 (10)(5.6)
Black or African American10 (20)(23.6)
Caucasian29 (58)(64.7)
Hispanic or Latino3 (6)(2.9)
Multiracial2 (4)(3.4)
Native American or American Indian1 (2)(0.2)
EducationHigh School Graduate, Diploma or Equivalent or Higher40 (80)(92.1)
Bachelor’s Degree or Higher12 (24)(41.9)
  1. aPittsburgh population estimates based on data provided by the United States Census Bureau. Of note, educational statistics for the population of Pittsburgh are for adults age 25 years and older, as compared to 23 and older for our population