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Table 2 Device reception and use at first and second follow-up

From: Evaluation of a mobile safety center's impact on pediatric home safety knowledge and device use

ItemFollow-Up 1 (n = 29)Follow-Up 2 (n = 30)
# Received Item# Currently Using% Currently Using# Received Item# Currently Using% Currently Using
Child-Proofing KitDoorknob Covers261557.7%251872%
Outlet Covers262284.6%252288%
Cabinet Latches261246.2%251248%
Non-Child-Proofing KitSmoke Detector191684.2%221986.4%
Gun Lock19421.1%20525%
  1. Items in the childproofing kit (outlet covers, doorknob covers, cabinet latches) are listed separately than those not in the kit (smoke detector, gun lock) to reflect the usage differential of the individual items