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Table 1 Characteristics of severely injured occupational injuries, by farm status. Percentages are reported as an average across the 10 imputed sets

From: Time to definitive care among severely injured farmers compared to other work-related injuries in a Midwestern state

 Farm Work-Related Injury (n = 158)aNon-Farm Work-Related Injury (n = 590)a 
Age  < 0.0001
  > =6532.18.5 
Sex  0.3078
Primary Payer  < 0.0001
 Worker’s Comp16.447.6 
Time  0.4286
 Night (6:00 pm – 5:59 am)10.014.2 
 Day (6:00 am - 5:59 pm)90.085.8 
Weekend  0.1328
Rurality  < 0.0001
 Large Town11.712.7 
 Small Town21.615.9 
 Isolated Rural (non-town)43.714.6 
Injury Type  0.7133
Nature of Injury
 Pelvic Fracture18.910.60.0073
 Long Bone Fracture7.521.3< 0.0001
 Spinal Injury38.934.70.3798
 Crush Injury3.42.40.5150
 Brain/Skull Injury49.457.90.0769
 Chest Injury7.47.50.8079
EMS Use  0.1315
  1. aReported as an average. Numbers for individual imputed sets vary
  2. bEstimated from Chi-Square test despite cell counts < 5