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Table 3 Most common responses elicited on the type of unintentional childhood injury/ies that could possibly encountered in the given scenario and responses and measures that could potentially be taken to prevent them

From: Perception and awareness of unintentional childhood injuries among primary caregivers of children in Vellore, South India: a community-based cross-sectional study using photo-elicitation method

Scenario Possibility on types injuries Preventive measures
Woman riding bicycle without safety features, with child pillion sitting behind barefoot and legs hanging by one side without helmets • Fall from bicycle
• Injury to the neck following a fall
• Spokes causing injury to legs
• Clothes can get stuck between the wheels
• Using skirt-guard
• Avoid taking children as pillion riders
• Appropriate support for the kid
• The child should put legs on both sides of bicycle
• Use a child seat
Toddler climbing a staircase without supervision • Fall from staircase causing injury, especially head injury • Supervision is essential
Infant playing with a plastic bag • Suffocation
• Can obstruct vision causing fall
• Keep plastic bags out of reach of children
• Supervision
• To avoid using plastic bags
• To dispose plastic bags appropriately
Boy crossing the road in a non-zebra crossing • Can be hit by a vehicle • Accompany the child while crossing the road especially in non-zebra crossings
Small children playing with firecrackers • Can cause burns and injury to eyes
• Explosion
• Poisoning due to gun powder
• Adult supervision
• Using personal protective equipments
• Small children should not be allowed to play with crackers
• Segregate the crackers according to the age
Unsupervised toddler near a bucket of water • Child can drown
• Spillage of water, child can slip and fall
• Keep buckets/containers with water covered
• Keep buckets empty
Infant playing with household chemicals • Accidental poisoning
• Inhalation of chemicals
• Skin/burn injury
• Adult supervision
Small children climbing trees • Fall from tree • Adult supervision
Mother cooking food using firewood stove placed at the ground level • Burn injury • Supervision
• Keep the child away from the kitchen
Unsupervised child playing at a construction site • Brick and construction material falling on the child causing serious injury
• Inhalation of cement/dust
• Supervision