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Table 1 Annual total claim count, total cost and cost per claim for each year within the 6-year study period. All costs are shown in New Zealand Dollars

From: Epidemiology of tendon and ligament injuries in Aotearoa/New Zealand between 2010 and 2016

End of reporting year2011201220132014201520166 Year Total
Total Claim Count170,874178,902183,385184,863195,473198,5801,112,077
Total Cost Ex GST$202,526,476$203,975,934$215,716,748$233,429,167$264,591,232$283,334,932$1,403,574,489
Average Cost per Claim$1,185.24$1,140.15$1,176.31$1,262.71$1,353.59$1,426.80$1,262.12