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Table 1 Categorical definitions for types of guns by predominant marketing use

From: The descriptive epidemiology of brand-specific gun ownership in the US: results from the 2019 National Lawful Use of Guns Survey

Category Definition
Recreational The primary intended use of the firearm appears to be for hunting, recreational shooting (e.g., target shooting, shooting competitions), or collecting. Imagery may include pictures of outdoor hunting-related scenes, animals, or targets or indoor shooting ranges. The name of the gun may include hunting themes or intended targets, such as “varmint.”
Self-Defense The primary intended use of the firearm appears to be for self-defense, including concealed carry. The name of the gun may include references to self-defense or concealed carry. Features of the gun, such as a short barrel and easy concealability may help to indicate an intended self-defense or concealed carry use.
Tactical The primary marketing or portrayal of the firearm is related to simulating military weapons. Imagery may portray military-style outerwear, camouflage, other military themes, or tactical gear. The firearm typically has additional features, including a telescoping stock, optics, a pistol grip, or high capacity magazines. The firearm is typically a version of a military weapon.