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Table 1 Eligibility criteria for AUTO study

From: The Advancing Understanding of Transportation Options (AUTO) study: design and methods of a multi-center study of decision aid for older drivers

Inclusion Exclusion
Fluent in English
Have a telephone number for follow up interviews
Age: ≥70 years (drivers); ≥18 years (study partners)
Drivers only:
Valid driver’s license from study site’s state
Drive at least once a week
Since the last license renewal, no major changes to health, vision, or hearing that seriously impair driving (self-report)
Do not feel the DMV would have serious concerns about driving (self-report)
Have ≥1 medical condition linked in driving cessation (EMR, confirmed by self-report; see Appendix)
5-min Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) score < 21
In legal custody or institutionalized
Drivers only:
Currently enrolled in LongROAD longitudinal study (also at UCH and UCSD)