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Table 4 Relative accuracy and completeness of data within the 41 true match pairs

From: Application of data linkage techniques to Pacific Northwest commercial fishing injury and fatality data

Parameter Relative Accuracy Completeness Commercial Fishing Incident Databasea Vessel Casualtya Nonfatal Injuriesa Oregon Trauma Registrya
Incident Date +/− 1 day complete x x x x
Incident Time varied from complete to no agreement AM/PM designation and time zone often missing x x x x
Incident State always agreed complete x x x x
Latitude/Longitude +/− 0.5 degrees (50 km) often missing from trauma registry x x x x
Miles from Shore never agreed complete x x x  
Vessel Official Number always agreed sometimes unavailable; state number used instead x x x  
# People on Board always agreed only occasionally missing x x x  
Narrative consistent stories; matching provides additional details rarely missing x x x x
  1. a The rightmost columns indicate the data sets that provide the listed parameters