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Table 1 Descriptive statistics of traffic fatalities, meteorological conditions for Boston, MA (2002–2015) during the warm season. p indicates percentile

From: The risks of warm nights and wet days in the context of climate change: assessing road safety outcomes in Boston, USA and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

  Boston, MA
Total Fatalities 146
Daily Mean Fatalities 0.07
Daily Max Temperature [°C] 24.33
Daily Min Temperature [°C] 15.69
Total Hot Days (TMAX ≥ 95thp) 115
Total Warm Days (85thp ≤ TMAX ≤ 95thp) 300
Total Warm Nights (TMIN ≤ 95thp) 119
Mean Daily Precipitation (all days) [mm] 3.05
Mean Daily Precipitation (days with any rain) [mm] 9.04
Total Wet Days (> 0 mm) 707
Total Very Wet Days (>mean) 419
Total Extremely Wet Days (>mean of rainy days) 236
Population 685,094