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Table 3 Societal cost

From: Cost-effectiveness analysis of a large-scale crèche intervention to prevent child drowning in rural Bangladesh

Parameters (in 2015 US$) Annual volunteer-hours per crèche Annual cost per crèche Annual cost per child
Opportunity cost of time*
Crèche workers' time (mother and assistant) 2304.00 $941.76 $36.25
VIPC and UIPC members' time 138.72 $56.70 $2.18
Parents' time 3392.26 − $5546.35 − $213.48
Program cost
Estimates from Table 2 $416.35 $16.03
 Total cost (savings)
Opportunity cost of time + program cost   − $4131.54 − $159.02
  1. Negative values indicate savings. VIPC and UIPC are Village and Union Injury Prevention Committees. See the Additional file 1 for details about data assumptions and calculations. Assumptions are varied in sensitivity analysis
  2. *The opportunity cost of time is the minimum wage, 8000 BDT per month in the year 2018 based on Butler (2019), equivalent to US$78.48 in 2015
  3. A crèche operates for 4 h per day, 6 days per week, which is part-time, thus the wage per crèche worker is 50% of the minimum wage
  4. Assumes savings for only one parent per child and the estimate is a function of the minimum wage and crèche attendance level, see the Additional file 1 for details. Parameters with black bold text indicate major parameter groups: opportunity cost, program cost, total societal cost