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Table 3 Resident Education Experiences

From: Effect of orthopaedic resident education on screening for intimate partner violence

  n %
Classroom Training 88 84
Self Education 21 20
Read institution's IPV protocol or watched a video about IPV screening   
Structured Education 10 10
Participated in skills-based training, in-depth training > 4 h, or CME training   
Didactic Education 81 77
Participated in a lecture or talk, or medical school classroom training   
Mentorship 40 39
Observational Mentorship 28 27
Worked in a fracture clinic with an established screening protocol, or   
Witnessed a preceptor screening   
Immersive Mentorship 27 26
Received direct teaching from a preceptor about training   
Classroom Training AND Mentorship 34 32
No Training 11 10
  1. CME continuing medical education, IPV intimate partner violence