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  1. There remains a dearth of cross-city comparisons on the impact of climate change through extreme temperature and precipitation events on road safety. We examined trends in traffic fatalities, injuries and prop...

    Authors: José Ignacio Nazif-Munoz, Pablo Martínez, Augusta Williams and John Spengler
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:47
  2. Nearly half of the sudden deaths documented in Japanese middle and high school occurred during school organized sport activities. However, no study to date has calculated the incidence rates of these deaths by...

    Authors: Yuri Hosokawa, Yuki Murata, Rebecca L. Stearns, Miwako Suzuki-Yamanaka, Kristen L. Kucera and Douglas J. Casa
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:27
  3. Firearm violence is a significant public health problem in the United States. A surge in firearm purchasing following the onset of the coronavirus pandemic may have contributed to an increase in firearm violen...

    Authors: Julia P. Schleimer, Christopher D. McCort, Aaron B. Shev, Veronica A. Pear, Elizabeth Tomsich, Alaina De Biasi, Shani Buggs, Hannah S. Laqueur and Garen J. Wintemute
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:43
  4. A pediatric trauma registry for the Kingdom of Bahrain would be a novel public health tool for the Bahraini health system. The aim of this study was to explore the epidemiology of pediatric trauma at the natio...

    Authors: Jay C. Liu Jr, Aieshah A. Ismael, Ayesha Zaidi, Ban W. Sha’ban, Shaikha Ebrahim Almutawa, Asad Amin Chatha, Feras H. Abuzeyad, Ruqaya Isa Jaafar, Salah Ali Alghanem, Ghada Al Qassim, Nitya Kumar and Martin Corbally
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:42
  5. Commercial fishing consistently has among the highest workforce injury and fatality rates in the United States. Data related to commercial fishing incidents are routinely collected by multiple organizations wh...

    Authors: Jasmine Nahorniak, Viktor Bovbjerg, Samantha Case and Laurel Kincl
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:26
  6. Research examining psychological distress in people who have experienced an injury has focused on those with serious injuries or specific injury types, and has not involved long-term follow up. The aims of thi...

    Authors: Amy E. Richardson, Sarah Derrett, Ariyapala Samaranayaka and Emma H. Wyeth
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:41
  7. In New York State (NYS), motor vehicle (MV) injury to child passengers is a leading cause of hospitalization and emergency department (ED) visits in children aged 0–12 years. NYS laws require appropriate child...

    Authors: Michael Bauer, Leah Hines, Emilia Pawlowski, Jin Luo, Anne Scott, Matthew Garnett, Morgan Uriell and Joyce C. Pressley
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:32
  8. There has been concern about the risk of suicide among veterans returning from deployment to Afghanistan and Iraq as part of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation New Dawn (OEF/OIF...

    Authors: Tim Bullman and Aaron Schneiderman
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:40
  9. Social and structural determinants of health (SDOH) are the conditions in which individuals are born, live, learn, work, play, worship, and age. These drivers of health are integral in contextualizing the unde...

    Authors: Charlotte Baker, Oziomachukwu Chinaka and Elizabeth C. Stewart
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:25
  10. Cellphone use while driving (CUWD) is a frequent source of distraction for young drivers. These distractions commonly lead to motor vehicle crashes and, in some cases, death. Crash risk differs depending on if...

    Authors: Lucas M. Neuroth, Dylan Galos, Li Li, Songzhu Zhao and Motao Zhu
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:18
  11. In Benin, motorcycles are the main means of transport for road users and are involved in more than half of crashes. This study aims to determine the effect of wearing a helmet on reducing head injuries in road...

    Authors: Bella Hounkpe Dos Santos, Yolaine Glele Ahanhanzo, Alphonse Kpozehouen, Donatien Daddah, Emmanuel Lagarde and Yves Coppieters
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:17
  12. Pickleball is growing rapidly with a passionate senior following. Understanding and comparing players’ injury experience through analysis of a nationally representative hospital emergency department sample hel...

    Authors: Harold Weiss, Jacob Dougherty and Charles DiMaggio
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:34
  13. Decision-making about when to stop driving for older adults involves assessment of driving risk, availability of support or resources, and strong emotions about loss of independence. Although the risk of being...

    Authors: Marian E. Betz, Faris Omeragic, Lauren Meador, Carolyn G. DiGuiseppi, Nicole R. Fowler, S. Duke Han, Linda Hill, Rachel L. Johnson, Christopher E. Knoepke, Daniel D. Matlock and Ryan Moran
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:23
  14. With increasing numbers of countries/jurisdictions legalizing cannabis, cannabis impaired driving has become a serious public health concern. Despite substantive research linking cannabis use with higher rates...

    Authors: Cerina Lee, Don Voaklander, Jasjeet K. Minhas-Sandhu, John G. Hanlon, Elaine Hyshka, Jason R. B. Dyck and Dean T. Eurich
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:33
  15. Minor injuries are very common in the pediatric population and often occur in the home environment. Despite its prevalence, little is known about outcomes in children following minor injury at home. Understand...

    Authors: Matthew J Molloy, Wendy Shields, Molly W Stevens and Andrea C Gielen
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:16
  16. The transition in 2015 to the Tenth Revision of the International Classification of Disease, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM) in the US led the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to propose a su...

    Authors: Lauren Alexis De Crescenzo, Barbara Alison Gabella and Jewell Johnson
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:15
  17. The public health impact of pediatric trauma makes identifying opportunities to equalize health related disparities imperative. The influence of a child’s race on the likelihood of admission to the pediatric i...

    Authors: Katherine N. Slain, Morgan A. Wurtz and Jerri A. Rose
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:14
  18. Off-the-books, untraceable “ghost guns” can now be manufactured at home, easily, and in large numbers; they contribute ever more frequently to firearm violence, including hate violence and domestic terrorism. ...

    Authors: Garen J. Wintemute
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:13
  19. Since the national stay-at-home order for COVID-19 was implemented, clinicians and public health authorities worldwide have expressed growing concern about the potential repercussions of drug and alcohol use d...

    Authors: Constance McGraw, Kristin Salottolo, Matthew Carrick, Mark Lieser, Robert Madayag, Gina Berg, Kaysie Banton, David Hamilton and David Bar-Or
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:24
  20. The COVID-19 pandemic led to world-wide restrictions on social activities to curb the spread of this disease. Very little is known about the impact of these restrictions on trauma centers. Our objective was to...

    Authors: Pedro E. Ruiz-Medina, Ediel O. Ramos-Meléndez, Kerwin X. Cruz-De La Rosa, Antonio Arrieta-Alicea, Lourdes Guerrios-Rivera, Mariely Nieves-Plaza and Pablo Rodríguez-Ortiz
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:22
  21. No previous study has identified the specific brands of guns owned by gun owners. This study aimed to: (1) ascertain and describe patterns of brand- and model-specific gun ownership among US gun owners; and (2...

    Authors: Michael Siegel, Devon Dunn, Faizah Shareef, Miriam Neufeld and Claire Boine
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:12
  22. Violence is one of the leading causes of injury and death in the United States. One-way society attempts to eliminate violence is through criminal punishment. Yet, in many contexts, punishment fails to reduce ...

    Authors: N. Jeanie Santaularia, Ryan Larson and Christopher Uggen
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:11
  23. Firearm violence is a public health problem that disparately impacts areas of economic and social deprivation. Despite a growing literature on neighborhood characteristics and injury, few studies have examined...

    Authors: Kimberly Dalve, Emma Gause, Brianna Mills, Anthony S. Floyd, Frederick P. Rivara and Ali Rowhani-Rahbar
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:10
  24. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for young children. Millions of ridesharing trips are taken each day, and use of these services is predicted to increase. Therefore, it is important to exam...

    Authors: Johnathon P. Ehsani, Jeffrey P. Michael and Andrea Gielen
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:9
  25. Comprehensive state firearm policies related to intimate partner violence (IPV) may have a significant public health impact on non-lethal IPV-related injuries. Research indicates that more restrictive firearm ...

    Authors: Tiara C. Willie, Trace Kershaw, Rachel Perler, Amy Caplon, Marina Katague and Tami P. Sullivan
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:8
  26. While statistics related to occupational injuries exist at state and national levels, there are notable difficulties with using these to understand non-fatal injuries trends in agriculture, forestry, and comme...

    Authors: Erika Scott, Liane Hirabayashi, Judy Graham, Nicole Krupa and Paul Jenkins
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:6
  27. The prevalence and characteristics of handgun purchasers’ criminal charge histories have never been described for a large population of firearm owners, but such information is critical to understanding risk fa...

    Authors: Veronica A. Pear, Mona A. Wright, Aaron B. Shev, Garen J. Wintemute and Rose M. C. Kagawa
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:7
  28. Nearly 1800 homicides were reported in 2018 among individuals aged 60 years or older in the US. The characteristics and circumstances of these homicides are understudied. We investigated the trends of homicide...

    Authors: Riffat Ara Shawon, Avanti Adhia, Christopher DeCou and Ali Rowhani-Rahbar
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:5
  29. We aimed to estimate the impact of the International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM) coding transition on traumatic injury-related hospitalization trends among you...

    Authors: Yuri V. Sebastião, Gregory A. Metzger, Deena J. Chisolm, Henry Xiang and Jennifer N. Cooper
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:4
  30. Due to the differences in the way gun law permissiveness scales were created and speculation about the politically motivated underpinnings of the various scales, there have been questions about their reliability.

    Authors: Paul M. Reeping, Christopher N. Morrison, Kara E. Rudolph, Monika K. Goyal and Charles C. Branas
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:2
  31. In the United States social disparities in health outcomes are found wherever they are sought, and they have been documented extensively in trauma care. Because social factors cannot cause a trauma outcome dir...

    Authors: Joseph Piatt
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:1
  32. Non-suicidal self-injury and suicide attempts are increasing problems among American adolescents. This study developed a definition for identifying intentional self-harm (ISH) injuries in emergency department ...

    Authors: Anna Hansen, Dessi Slavova, Gena Cooper, Jaryd Zummer and Julia Costich
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2021 8:3
  33. Mortality caused by injuries is increasing and becoming a significant global public health concern. Limited evidence from Ethiopia on road traffic, unintentional and intentional injuries indicate the potential...

    Authors: Solomon Ali, Zelalem Destaw, Awoke Misganaw, Asnake Worku, Legesse Negash, Abebe Bekele, Ababi Zergaw, Ally Walker, Chris Odell, Mohsen Naghavi, Ebba Abate and Alemnesh H. Mirkuzie
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2020 7:67
  34. We studied the primary caregivers’ perception, and further, their awareness of unintentional childhood injuries in south India.

    Authors: Leeberk Raja Inbaraj, Kulandaipalayam Natarajan Sindhu, Lalmalsawmi Ralte, Basir Ahmed, Chandni Chandramouli, Elza Rebecca Kharsyntiew, Evelina Jane, Joshaphine Victoria Paripooranam, Nikhil Muduli, Padebettu Devendra Akhilesh, Prakash Joseph, Renata Nappoly, Tamma Anusha Reddy and Shantidani Minz
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2020 7:62
  35. Transportation events are the most common cause of offshore fatalities in the oil and gas industry, of which helicopter accidents comprise the majority. Little is known about injury distributions in civilian h...

    Authors: Kristin Yeoman, Mary B. O’Connor, Sara Sochor and Gerald Poplin
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2020 7:64
  36. Distracted driving among teens is a public health and safety concern. Most states in the U.S. have sought to restrict cellphone use while driving by enacting laws. This study examines the difference in prevale...

    Authors: Li Li, Caitlin N. Pope, Rebecca R. Andridge, Julie K. Bower, Guoqing Hu and Motao Zhu
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2020 7:65
  37. Homicide is a widely acknowledged public health problem in the United States. The majority of homicides are committed with a firearm and have long-term health consequences for family members and entire communi...

    Authors: Lauren A. Magee, J. Dennis Fortenberry, Wanzhu Tu and Sarah E. Wiehe
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2020 7:61
  38. In Japan, the latest estimates of excess all-cause deaths through January to July 2020 showed that the overall (direct and indirect) mortality burden from the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Japan was r...

    Authors: Shuhei Nomura, Takayuki Kawashima, Daisuke Yoneoka, Yuta Tanoue, Akifumi Eguchi, Stuart Gilmour and Masahiro Hashizume
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2020 7:66
  39. Previous research has generally found lower rates of injury incidence in immigrant populations than in native-born populations. Most of this literature relies on mortality statistics or hospital data, and we k...

    Authors: Eyvind Ohm, Kristin Holvik, Marte Karoline Råberg Kjøllesdal and Christian Madsen
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2020 7:60
  40. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, 44% of all reported injuries in U.S. households occurred in the home. Spending more time at home due to the pandemic may increase the number of home injuries.

    Authors: Andrea C. Gielen, Grace Bachman, Oluwakemi Badaki-Makun, Renee M. Johnson, Eileen McDonald, Elise Omaki, Keshia M. Pollack Porter, Leticia Ryan and Wendy Shields
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2020 7:63
  41. This cross-sectional study assessed the prevalence of self-reported noncompliance with mandatory seatbelt-use law and examined the factors associated with noncompliance with seatbelt-use while driving in adult...

    Authors: Hashem Ridha, Fahed Bouzaber, Maryam Al-Sallal, Aisha Almutairi, Reem Al-dhubaiei and Saeed Akhtar
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2020 7:58
  42. To evaluate patterns of health care utilization for sports-related concussions (SRCs) and non-sports-related concussions (NSRCs) among Medicaid-insured children before and after the enactment of Ohio’s concuss...

    Authors: Alison Newton, Jingzhen Yang, Junxin Shi, Lindsay Sullivan, Lihong Huang, Bhavna Singichetti, Motao Zhu and Ashley S. Felix
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2020 7:55
  43. This study further investigates a protective association between oral contraceptive (OC) use and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury noted in prior case-control studies.

    Authors: Mackenzie M. Herzog, Jessica C. Young, Jennifer L. Lund, Virginia Pate, Christina D. Mack and Stephen W. Marshall
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2020 7:53
  44. Being asleep is an important risk factor for death during a residential fire; however, the high-frequency tone smoke alarms in many homes will not adequately awaken children who are old enough to self-rescue. ...

    Authors: Gary A. Smith, Sandhya Kistamgari and Mark Splaingard
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2020 7:51
  45. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children have higher incidence, severity and hospital length of stay for their acute burn injuries than other Australian children. We examined factors contributing to long...

    Authors: Courtney Ryder, Tamara Mackean, Kate Hunter, Kurt Towers, Kris Rogers, Andrew J. A. Holland and Rebecca Ivers
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2020 7:52
  46. Pharmaceutical companies and drug distributors are intensely scrutinized in numerous lawsuits for their role in instigating the opioid epidemic. Many individual physicians have also been held accountable for a...

    Authors: Julia B. Berman and Guohua Li
    Citation: Injury Epidemiology 2020 7:50